I’m upgrading from Wordpress to Kirby. Mostly because I’m fickle, but also because my Wordpress installation was hacked and that makes me nervous about running a simple little blog on software that’s such a large target and where the source is so difficult for me to understand. Kirby makes it really easy for me to have my content in a format that’s clear and easily accessible if I decide to switch things up again.

That said, it’s taking me a long time to get things up and running, not because of the software, but because I’m now the happy father of two wonderful children and fiddling with blogging software is not at the top of my priorities. It will get done though and this is the first indication that it’s moving. The back catalog, as they say, will resurface shortly I hope, but in the meantime I should be able to continue blogging as usual. That is to say, infrequently.